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Many publications are available at our Museum Bookstore and those listed below are available online now!

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Title Author Publisher Summary Price S&H

Memories of the Early Settlements *

Ella Mc Cain

Mountain Empire Historical Society {MEHS)

An important personal account of the trials and tribulations, joys and events in a large area of the Mountain Empire including Dulzura, Potrero and Campo

$24.95 + S&H $6.00 per book
Sam Cameron's Diary; 1875-1903 Sam Cameron MEHS A personal diary by Sam Cameron where he revealed his true feelings about every topic he thought about; life, sheep, cows, girls, the weather and much more $14.95 + S&H $6.00 per book
Campo, the Forgotten Gunfight Bryon Harrington   The tale of the gunfight between the Cruz Lopez Gang (Mexican bandits) and the Gaskill Brothers (early settlers in Campo) $23.95 + S&H $6.00 per book
History of Highway 94 Shirley Bowman Reider MEHS History of the Historic Highway 94 from Jamul to Boulevard $19.95 + S&H $6.00 per book

May They Rest in Peace *

Cherry S. Diefenbach


Stories of the Milquatay Pioneer Cemetery and other cemeteries in the Mountain Empire area

$23.95 + S&H $6.00 per book
History of Agua Caliente Springs and Agua Caliente Regional Park * Frederick H. Wills MEHS A history along S-2 east of the Laguna Mountains $23.95 + S&H $6.00 per book
Buenos Dias, Tecate * June Nay Summers MEHS An authoritative early history of the founding of Tecate, Mexico and Tecate, USA $10.00 + S&H $6.00 per book
Annie Cameron Busley's Diaries * Edited by Cherry S. Diefenbach MEHS A collection of 5 diaries by Annie Cameron Busley covering activities and people in the Mountain Empire from 1926-1950 with many supporting photos included $35.00 + S&H $6.00 per book

Potrero Roots - A Backcountry Heritage

Shirley Bowman Reider


A history of the pioneers and development of the Portrero area from 1868 to present day

$19.95 + S&H $6.00 per book
Potrero Roots - Volume II Shirley Bowman Reider /MEHS Additional historic information on Potrero and Campo $19.95 + S&H $6.00 per book
Kumeyaay Ethnobotany * Michael Wilken Sunbelt Native plants, their uses and history $29.95 + S&H $6.00 per book
This Was Yesterday * Edited by Cherry S. Diefenbach MEUSD A book originally by Juia De Frate about pioneering in East County San Diego

$24.95 + S&H

$6.00 per book
Pioneers; Natural History and Native people in the San Diego BackCcountry MEHS MEHS Factual storis of the Native people in the Mountain Empire $19.95 + S&H $6.00 per book
True Tales of Historic Campo MEHS MEHS A collection of true stories about the pioneer days $14.95 + S&H $6.00 per book
American Prisoner of War in Southern California Kathy Kirkpatrick   American Prisoner of War in Southern California $23.99 + S&H $6.00 per book
Renegades, Rock Houses and Resorts * Cherry S. Diefenbach MEHS Stories about Jacumba Hot Springs and surroundings. Nearly 500 pages and over 1200 photos! $49.95 + S&H $6.00 per book

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