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Our Mission Statement

The Mountain Empire Historical Society (MEHS) is dedicated to preserving, conserving, and promoting the history of the Mountain Empire Region of San Diego County, California. Its primary purpose is to provide for the education of the public to the unique cultural and natural history of the region. Its operating arm, the Gaskill Brothers' Stone Store Museum in Campo, California, and all current and future subsidiary entities of the MEHS shall provide for the collection, interpretation, and conservation of the material culture, as well as the written and oral history of the region.

These goals shall be sought through:
  • Active programs to research, identify and acquire for the collections those documents and objects typical and/or significant in the region's history,
  • Conservation and exhibition of materials in the collections,
  • Assistance and development of public education programs,
  • Maintenance and means for public access to historical photographs, documents, and records within the MEHS Research Archives.

March, 1994, amended June1, 2003.

Campo Stone Store Museum
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